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North American 66 (Four-handed)
New member, SixtySix, messaged me with the some details of a game called "66".  This seems to be another cousin to pinochle as it mirrors card rank hierarchy, has an auction, references marriages as meld, uses old-school counter values, and is played with half of a single pinochle deck.  I haven't personally researched this game, but I thought I would post SixtySix's description of the game for potential public interest.

Additional reading can be found at:

SixtySix Wrote:I have also attached, below this message, the simple rules for "66" as I found them and those which are closest to the game our family played for decades. There are minor quirks within these attached rules but these are quite accurate, overall. Yes, I grant permission for you to post about this game and know that like Pinochle, there are variations of the game. You may uncover groups across the country which still play this game.

In the "Scoring Points" section, we do very little of this except for announcing the "meld" as "40s" or "20s" depending if the "meld" is in trump or not. We do not do the "5/moon" either and instead bid "6" and there is no trump and the partner does not play as the bidder must take ALL tricks so the opponents only try to save a single card to stop the bidder and set him/her. A "6" bid would be perfect with A 10, A 10, A 10 but can be made with A 10 9 A 10  A in the hopes that the opponents would have less than 3 of the same suit in which the bidder has the A 10 9.

We do not play for money and I disapprove of that.

We also play until the score is 21 with, as I previously said, the winning team must "bid out" (bid the highest bid and make it) and must beat the opposing team by at least 2 points.

From my experience with this game, I was able to slide into Pinochle somewhat easily but am still unsure of the bidding aspects of Pinochle. I have taught our youngest grandchild, 11 years old, to play "66" and she continues to beg, almost, that I teach her Pinochle but I am not good enough with Pinochle yet. After a single evening of brand new "66", she bid a "2" and made the bid all on her own so I am sure she would do well with Pinochle.

Respectfully, SixtySix

...SixtySix, then copy/pasted the rules in the Four-handed and North American section from the wikipedia page; to show which variant was being discussed.
It's unbelievable how much you don't know about the game you've been playing all your life. -- Mickey Mantle
Wow that is interesting. When he says "We do not play for money and I disapprove of that." Does that mean he frowns upon playing for money or not playing for money?? hahahaha

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