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I live in the United States. There's no way I'd consider having anything to do with online gambling; the legalities are far too questionable. Playing Poker at the site would have to be just for fun. I've seen it at non-gambling sites, and wondered if it would be popular.

I just don't really see how "monitoring" can work in this day and age.
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If you support a cash game, then you are involved in gambling.

I've certainly seen play-money games, and it could well be popular enough. The rules of poker are fairly straightforward to code; I wrote a complete hand ranker in...I'd guess a few hours. Not all that long.

The occasional monitoring I've heard of, has been after the fact. Every cash-game table, and every sit and go, creates a complete hand record. Say B is telling A through online chat "I've got X and Y." And does that a lot. When an accusation is made, those logs can be often are A and B playing at the same table? Are there actions going on that suggest this kind of information exchange? Are they working together at the table...for example A gets pocket queens, B gets pocket aces. B bets first, and tells A "stay out of this pot." A folds. You can't catch single incidents; you can potentially catch when this is done repeatedly.
(06-28-2016, 03:25 PM)ToreadorElder Wrote:  If you support a cash game, then you are involved in gambling. 

The site will not be involved in online gambling. There are no cash payments at the site at all currently. If I introduce paid features, as some sites have, it will be along the lines of paying for certain privileges. No prizes will ever be awarded for winning at the games.
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