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Statistical Analysis: Relationship Between Tricks and Points
ToreadorElder and I always disagreed on this. He was for a strong and fast rule of 2.5 per trick. I said that the average was 2.4 points per trick, but I never counted 2.4 points per trick, because it always depended on how many tricks you would take. Obviously, the more tricks you take in a hand, the closer to the average of 2.4/ppt you could get.

According to TE's rule of 2.5/ppt, 8 tricks won would allow you to save (20 points), but that was not always the case (unless you got the last trick). I found that 9 tricks was the number that would allow you to consistently save.

I like where this thread is going, because the refining of my bidding system is dependent on these numbers. I'm looking forward to the remainder of this research/discussion!

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