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World of Card Games supports Hand Animator format
(08-22-2015, 10:30 AM)marya Wrote:  Delivering game/hand histories by email is an experiment. Until I can be sure that it does not overburden my email service, I won't be adding automatic delivery; it must be requested. I will have to change the way it's done, since people use Shift-P in chat, and I've had one player write to me who was confused about why they got the hand history Blush   I had considered that this might happen, but thought it unlikely enough to be worth the risk!

In hindsight, I imagine [Shift]+P is probably a pretty common keystroke at the game tables, as in "P!!!!  You incompetent idiot!!!  What the hell were you thinking?!?!?"  Does this keystroke send the latest hand history at any time during the game, or is it only when the hand summary is displayed?  Perhaps you could change the required keystroke to [Ctrl]+[Shift]+P?

Another option would be to add a button on the hand summary and/or game summary screens to deliver the history, but it sounds like you don't want to make the option publicly known at this that might not be an option.

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