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World of Card Games supports Hand Animator format
I will try to address everything that was brought up here ---

1) I like the idea of adding all 4 player names in the subject line, so I will do this. I think most players will not object to this. As someone pointed out, it is possible (but unlikely) that a player would do video capture of an entire game with the intent of publicly humiliating another player. I think most people would not be deterred from playing if they realize this is possible.

2) I also like the idea of delivering entire game histories, so I will add this.

3) Delivering game/hand histories by email is an experiment. Until I can be sure that it does not overburden my email service, I won't be adding automatic delivery; it must be requested. I will have to change the way it's done, since people use Shift-P in chat, and I've had one player write to me who was confused about why they got the hand history Blush   I had considered that this might happen, but thought it unlikely enough to be worth the risk!

4) I've been in many games where people address each other both by their handle and by their personal name. So I think it's not a great idea to include chats in the history, if people are really concerned about being identified. Given that you can easily copy the entire chat log at the end of a game from WoCG's "chat log", this functionality is available already for people who want to capture "teaching" comments. Despite my misgivings, I can see that displaying chats in the hand animator may be helpful (e.g. displaying a comment about what to bid at a particular time). However, I will not add chats until they can be displayed in the hand animator. And I am really not clear whether the benefits would make the drawbacks worth it.

5) As mentioned by Tigre, it's easy enough to set up a private table where a game can be paused. I don't see the point in dividing up the tables into beginner/advanced categories - certainly not without more players, and there are currently precious few.

6) I would consider adding an option to set up "expert" tables where there is no "Show Melds" button, and maybe where the points table is removed from the meld view (not sure if this objectionable). Again - with only a few Pinochle players, the work to do this is not justified. And it would make it even harder to get a game started (I believe mostly beginners are currently playing the game).

Please be aware that the game is not carved in stone. It's a relatively new game.. I've already made a few changes based on feedback from players here and elsewhere. So if you feel strongly about something, make it known, and I will add it to my to-do list if it makes sense. But also be aware that Pinochle is just one game on the site, it currently gets about 8 players at a time max, and I have a lot of features and other games to add. So I can't put all my time into fine-tuning Pinochle.

BTW, while I find the comparison with a poker game site edifying, I suspect that a poker site makes far more revenue than a site like WoCG where revenue only comes from a single ad. They probably have more than one developer working on the site, too. So trying to compete with a poker site on features is never going to happen. That doesn't mean I can't or won't add features - I'm just explaining why you won't see every little last thing implemented.
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