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World of Card Games supports Hand Animator format
I don't even know how to deal with those comments.
I am speechless., I'd better not be speechless. This is effectively a public record, so I'd better get the facts out. Marek (@ PlayOK) and I had exchanged correspondence (initiated by me, before TigreLXIX's post) to discuss adding the Hand History and Hand Animator features as a joint venture between our sites. In my first request, I suggested a simple format for notation. Fortunately, he had something better already in place for his Bridge game. *this explains the "PBN" in his notation -- "PlayOK Bridge Notation". At the time of TigreLXIX's post, I was already waste-deep in the secret development of the first version of the Hand Animator . After considerable development time, trying to marry the PBN with my Hand Animator, I found that I could make my coding much simpler if I modified the incoming notation. This is how the Power Pinochle Notation (PPN) came into existence. Currently, only WoCG exports the required PPN for the Hand Animator. I don't want to see PlayOK left out of the Hand Animator program, especially because it was an integral part of its construction. I will contact Marek again today, to see if he has time to convert his notation to mine, or if I need to convert it locally @ Power Pinochle.
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