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World of Card Games supports Hand Animator format
(08-21-2015, 11:29 PM)mickmackusa Wrote:  Regarding the use of poker replayers, I seldom used them.  I found them unnecessary because the raw notation was simple enough to quickly read and analyze.  Comments were included in the notation, and while sometimes it was comical, usually it was rude/nonsensical.  When speaking to Marek from PlayOK, he wasn't convinced that the Power Pinochle Hand Animator was necessary either.  He referenced Bridge notation (like you might see in the newspaper) and said that he felt that was sufficient.  Raw pinochle notation is very difficult to read.  The Hand Animator is not just for aesthetic purposes.  Because of the important of signifying cards used in meld, as well as the flow of the play round, animating the notation yields a highly functional presentation which leaves raw notation in the dust.

I suppose the point I want to make is that the decision to develop an animator/replayer depends heavily on how a game is played and if the raw notation is easily read.  The first action is to develop a raw notation for a given game.  After refining the notation, so that all vital information is provided and unnecessary data is omitted, step back and ask yourself if the notation is comprehensible.

Yes, I agree that the raw game logs are difficult to understand, and the Hand Animator is definitely a valuable tool.  I don't know who originally had the idea, but...damn, what a good idea!

(10-31-2014, 07:22 AM)TigreLXIX Wrote:  Good news everyone!  PlayOK has added game logs to their online pinochle game.  During play, you can click the "History" tab (toward the bottom right above the chat area) and click the PBN button.  The game log will open in a popup window.  After the game, you can access the game log from your player stats page (click your user name from the list of users in the lobby or game room, then "Full Stats").  Select the "Games" tab on your stats page.  You'll notice a link labeled "txt" in the result it to open the log.  (It looks as though this feature was added on 10/28, so games before that will not have a link.

Here is a link to my most recent game log.  As you can see, the logs contain a lot of valuable information, including bid history and melds.  They should be really helpful.

P.S. - it would be really cool if someone could develop a program that re-plays the hands (or at least displays the logs with pictures instead of text).

Oh I remember.  Big Grin

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