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World of Card Games supports Hand Animator format
(08-21-2015, 12:46 AM)mickmackusa Wrote:  The PPN 1.0 has all of the bidding lumped into a single string of text; as other values are too.
The Hand Animator performs "Steps" of the hand.
Without being to intrusive to the design, perhaps I could display comments that occurred at any point in that Step, but I don't think I want to be more time-specific than that.
The comments could be bulk packaged at the end of each hand's notation after the HandScores tag.
The Comment tags might use a unique prefix and go something like this (just spitballing this...) :

@Deal "N:Good luck everyone"
@Deal "W:Same 2 u"
@Auction01 "S:Classic Horrible Cards, sorry p :("
@Auction02 "E:You guys are in trouble now!"
@Meld "E:Some help you were, p!"
@Play02 "E:Okay, out of Aces, what to do, what to do"
@Play08 "E:Um, this isn't going to plan!"
@Play20 "E:Crappola! Sorry p, my fault."

Depending on how the chat history is displayed in the Hand Animator, I see a potential problem.

If each line of the chat history is displayed as a chat "bubble" or similar but less refined method - such as a simple rectangular text box - if a player were to send more than one chat line, the "bubbles" would cover up one another.  (This would be especially problematic for "training tables," where the game may be paused for a while as the players discussed an aspect of the game - and capturing / displaying the chat would probably be more important for these scenarios than during a regular game scenario.)  My recommendation (if the chat history were ever to be implemented) would be to have a single box off to the side (probably on the right-hand side of the table), and display the entire conversation at each "step" in the animation in this box.  It may also be necessary to have the ability to scroll within this box, depending on how much conversation takes place.  I don't know how this would look in the PPN notation, but maybe you could enclose it with some sort of beginning and ending tags in the text file.

(08-21-2015, 01:37 PM)marya Wrote:  I am doubtful that most players will want a record of every hand they've ever played... I figured it would be used rarely, mostly when they thought they saw someone playing incorrectly, possibly for checking for bugs. I guess if it turns out that people do want every hand history, I'll have to consider other ways to handle it.

I think you'll find that there will be some people who want every game's history (for various reasons) and others who won't care and probably won't make use of this feature at all - especially if they need to register here to really get much use of it (casual players most likely won't be able to just look at the text and inherently understand it).

(08-21-2015, 01:50 PM)marya Wrote:  Now that you've publicly admitted to playing a game with me, I will publicly thank you for doing so. I found it very helpful, and I'm looking forward to more Smile

I am not ashamed to admit it, and I didn't intend to keep it a secret.  I would not have been upset if you mentioned it.  I enjoyed it as well and also look forward to the next time.

(08-21-2015, 02:08 PM)marya Wrote:  I am willing to discuss it, but my initial reaction is that it's a bad idea - too many pitfalls, too little benefit. Example: "hey [publicly identifiable name], wtf did you throw away an Ace just now?". If people are already worried about being publicly identified in hand histories, they will not want to even visit a table where chats might be exported due to this concern. Adding a feature that scares people away from the site is not useful :/

I understand the concern, but I don't usually see people use each other's screen names in chats, especially when they are addressing their partner - which is where most of the criticism would be directed.  It's usually more like "P!!!!  Why the F--- did you throw away that ace?!?! You incompetent idiot!"

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