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World of Card Games supports Hand Animator format
(08-20-2015, 11:46 PM)TigreLXIX Wrote:  I did load some of the game into the Hand Animator.  It was easy enough (yet slightly inconvenient) to copy each hand from the e-mail into Notepad, then copy several hands (or the full game log) into PP.

If there were an API that existed to send data from WoCG directly to your PP account, then I can imagine the whole thing would be more conveniently done...

(08-20-2015, 11:46 PM)TigreLXIX Wrote:  Marya - one thought I had was that it might be good to have a checkbox in the Pinochle Options dialogue box that, if checked, would automatically send hand histories (and/or full game logs) to the e-mail on file.  There were a few hands where I forgot to hit [Shift]+P and therefore didn't get those specific hand histories, resulting in gaps in the game history.  (It still loaded in Hand Animator, but obviously the scores jumped around.)

I do not want people automatically getting sent hand histories. There are two reasons: 1) my email service is free up to a certain limit, and I don't want this limit exceeded. 2) Getting a ton of these emails sent to a user might get my email account marked as spam by some email services.

If people would like the entire game history, that's another thing I can add, too. I didn't think the hand animator would handle that. I implemented the functionality by copying the example I had seen.

I am doubtful that most players will want a record of every hand they've ever played... I figured it would be used rarely, mostly when they thought they saw someone playing incorrectly, possibly for checking for bugs. I guess if it turns out that people do want every hand history, I'll have to consider other ways to handle it.
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