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World of Card Games supports Hand Animator format
(08-20-2015, 10:34 PM)mickmackusa Wrote:  Now that I think about it, my boy just chose his elective courses for high school next year.  One of which is IT-based. Maybe he and I can do a father-son project.  Hmm.

That'd be nice Smile FYI, I like the hand animator but I don't really see it becoming a feature I'd add at WoCG. I have many other high priority items to work on and never enough time, like you. If you did support other game formats, I would make sure to support their export at WoCG, just as I did for Pinochle.

(08-20-2015, 07:44 PM)mickmackusa Wrote:  I would deliver hand histories with the notation being the only content in the body, and the email title would be like "WoCG: Hand History (North = Marya)" or something.  All other identifying data is currently held within your notation headings (Site, ID, tableid).  I would like to discourage you from including screennames in the notation.

That's a good idea, I will add this the next time I make changes, probably another couple weeks.
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