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World of Card Games supports Hand Animator format
(08-20-2015, 11:38 PM)mickmackusa Wrote:  I just had a thought, and I could use some clarification.

When your players are exporting hand histories via email, are they only able to receive one hand at a time? or can they receive all of the hands at the end of the game? or both?

I hope the answer is both.
The Power Pinochle Hand Animator is written to handle multiple hands as long as there is blank line between each hand history.
I suppose, more commonly, people will only want to review a single hand.
However, some people may want to peruse the whole game without loading individual hands.

I have exported hand histories for games played earlier this week.  When you hit [Shift]+P at the end of each hand, only that hand is exported.

I did load some of the game into the Hand Animator.  It was easy enough (yet slightly inconvenient) to copy each hand from the e-mail into Notepad, then copy several hands (or the full game log) into PP.


Marya - one thought I had was that it might be good to have a checkbox in the Pinochle Options dialogue box that, if checked, would automatically send hand histories (and/or full game logs) to the e-mail on file.  There were a few hands where I forgot to hit [Shift]+P and therefore didn't get those specific hand histories, resulting in gaps in the game history.  (It still loaded in Hand Animator, but obviously the scores jumped around.)

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