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Hi I play double deck on Kirman Games. Used to play a lot on Hoyle a long time ago hut having some problems remembering how to play in the bidding area. Looking for useful tips and pointers.

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Welcome to power pinochle! Enjoy perusing the forums and if you have any questions, please feel free to post them.
Welcome Krazi,

I had a look for Kirman and found Karman @

If you have played enough on Karman Pinochle to offer an overview, we'd love you to start a new thread in the in the Pinochle Discussion forum to hold all reviews regarding the app.  Be sure to logically title the thread so that our members and search engines can readily find it (e.g. "Karman Pinochle Game App Reviews" or something).  In your post, explain your user experience with regard to layout, rules, functionality, fees, player base / robots, and anything that generally stands out in a positive or negative way.

Thank you for your introduction post; I think you are the first member to dare to put a face to their name!

Enjoy Power Pinochle - a community of pinochle players, built by pinochle players, for pinochle players.

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Yah, this could be interesting. It's Android, which worries easy to misclick, even by comparison to using a mouse. And that's a lot easier than misplaying at the table.

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