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Bid or Dump?, another quiz...
What's a dump bid? Well, it's a pass. Smile Specifically, it's passing in 3rd seat, after the auction has started pass-pass. Dealer in 4th seat is stuck. He has to take the bid at 50 if he possibly can. No marriage? Oops...automatically set. No 20? Given the norm of 20 to make the board and 20 to save...automatically set.

This means that when you're in this 3rd seat after 2 have to consider the chance that *your opponents are about to go set immediately.* Or, maybe just slowly...they can make the board, but not make 50. this auction, there's a pretty darn high chance that your opponents are going down if you pass.

What does this mean? To me, it means be cautious. The usual 35-7-6 requirements don't cut it. If I'm not comfortable bidding 60...maybe as a slight speculation...then I generally have to pass.

So...forthwith, here are the hands. Similar format as last time. There are 4 situations:

a) First hand of the game (score-neutral)
b) We're up 450-150
c) We're down 450-150
d) Double bidder out (450+ each)

To be continued...
I'm waiting...

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