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How do you bid with this hand?

What do YOU do?

Please explain your thought process.

What do YOU do?

Please explain your thought process.

A pass accurately describes my hand.
My partners always assume me to have a few aces, mostly losers, and 2 meld.
Done, done, and done.
It's unbelievable how much you don't know about the game you've been playing all your life. -- Mickey Mantle
First Seat: Pass, denies 35-7-6
Second Seat: 50 to Save? I have 8 tricks; 2 Clubs, 2 Diamonds, and 4 or maybe 3 Trump tricks.
Third Seat: Pass. Partner and I have less than 20 meld.
Fourth Seat: "How much meld do you have Partner?


What do YOU do?

Please explain your thought process.
Rick Hall
Yah, the hand's just nothing special. It has no meld; partner would have to hit with 16 just to play the hand. The trump suit isn't anything special, and it has no chance of developing anything extra. It's not even close to bidding in first seat. THIS can be opened:


But we're talking 16 meld, not 4, and 2 more tricks for 10. It reaches the criteria to open, with the advantage that pulling 31 is reasonably good...about 20% of the time, partner will have the 2 missing aces of clubs OR diamonds, so you get to reach him, and therefore he gets to cash spade aces. From then on, it's pretty much drawing trumps, and 31 shouldn't be an issue.

Change the QS to a KS, and I *might* bid 50 in first seat. Drop it down to


and I almost always pass. I need 20 meld and a fair bit of help in the play to have a chance. I might bid if we're down something like 480-390, because 31's still plausible enough, but probably never otherwise.
If the bidding goes 53, 54, ???

Or if the bidding goes pass, ???? Do you save with it?

I count a 6-8 range of tricks taken, mostly 7 or 8. Is that about what everyone else counts?
If partner starts with 53, it's a whole new ballgame. I don't save; I can't tolerate a 20 meld bid from LHO in 4th seat. Remember, too: partner can't have a great offensive hand, because he gave meld. This is pretty much an 8 trick hand, with a solid starting approach (the 4 aces, to see if partner can signal, hopefully to cash 1 or 2 spades to pick up my points there). Partner has 30, I have 8, I see 8 tricks for 20. That's 58. So, I'll bid 60 if I'm playing it safe, but 65 is more likely to buy it, and will still make fairly frequently. Yes, it might need *a bit* extra from partner, but we're talking maybe 1 more trick, or 2 extra meld.

But it's definitely not a 'save' hand because I *want* to play it, once I hear the meld from partner. I pass in first seat with it, because I can't expect that much from my partner...but once I know I have it, I'm happy to play it.

EDIT: if the auction starts 53-55 to me, then 65 is absolutely necessary, IMO. When RHO gives 20, LHO can often bid 65, so I can't let him. It's just too common. If my partner has a run, yes he might be able to compete a bit higher...but it won't be a good run. He might have the semi-balanced hand with a weak 7 card run; in that case, because I do have support, it might be better if he plays it. But that's a quite specific, therefore unlikely, hand. If the auction starts 53-56...well, I'll bid 65 but not with any great hope. I can try to block LHO when he doesn't have a run, but odds are we can't outbid them.

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