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How do you bid with this hand?
Yah, the hand's just nothing special. It has no meld; partner would have to hit with 16 just to play the hand. The trump suit isn't anything special, and it has no chance of developing anything extra. It's not even close to bidding in first seat. THIS can be opened:


But we're talking 16 meld, not 4, and 2 more tricks for 10. It reaches the criteria to open, with the advantage that pulling 31 is reasonably good...about 20% of the time, partner will have the 2 missing aces of clubs OR diamonds, so you get to reach him, and therefore he gets to cash spade aces. From then on, it's pretty much drawing trumps, and 31 shouldn't be an issue.

Change the QS to a KS, and I *might* bid 50 in first seat. Drop it down to


and I almost always pass. I need 20 meld and a fair bit of help in the play to have a chance. I might bid if we're down something like 480-390, because 31's still plausible enough, but probably never otherwise.

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