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Power Pinochle Bidding System
Meld first ALWAYS says that you give meld on your first bid, regardless of your hand. Meld first MOSTLY says you do so, unless you have something totally dominant. Of course, on Yahoo there's the "partner always give me meld...oh, but I'll only give you meld when I don't want it" bidders.

What I suggest is strength first...make it clear you have a hand, and ask partner to give meld. The 35-7-6 guideline defines what I consider a minimum hand to do this, but that's to ask for meld at all. When you have a choice between giving meld and asking for it, it's reasonable to bid...not a better hand, but a more offensively oriented one...with a meld-ask, and give meld with others. For example, with


you meet 35-7-6, but this isn't a hand I'm crazy to play. I will play it if partner gives me meld; I do certainly expect to pull 20 most of the time. But partner can easily have a lot better...and when he does have even, say, spades that are about the same as my hearts...I have trump support for him. It's easy to give 30 on your first bid; you're still in the auction, and can bid again if that is warranted.

Meld first mostly says you give meld with:

Meld first ALWAYS says you give meld with:

What's the point of giving meld when I have 9 tricks in the first hand (plus the potential opportunity to use spades as loser-on-loser plays to eliminate trump losers); in the second, I have 12, with potentially 2 more from spades. I have to bid to play it after I've given why give meld?

Meld first bidders are fairly common on Yahoo; for one thing, I believe it's pretty common advice on "how to play pinochle" sites. "Give partner your meld; you don't know what he has." I think that's just plain wrong, because it also ignores what YOU have...and you know that. Those sites are usually geared towards absolute newcomers, tho, so their advice is IMO seriously wrong. They tell dummy "cash your trump aces!" and they tell declarer "after you've cashed your non-trump aces, exit with a trump!" This simply can't be correct all the time, but they assert it as if it were Holy Writ.

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