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Power Pinochle Bidding System
We have the opportunity to document an "official" bidding system. We will create a page on this website and have the bidding system. The only "official" bidding system I have ever seen was in the out-of-print book "Winning Pinochle Strategies" written by Anthony Collins, an NPA player. But the NPA counted a run as 25 instead of 15, which changes the whole bidding game (which also probably explains why they were meld first always bidders).

That is why we are having these recent discussions in the bidding section of the forums. I want something solid for the pinochle world. It isn't right that I currently have a 2063 rating in 390 games under the Yahoo ID rak_beater (back when I used to play more often), but I never was taught or learned some of the more logical/basic facets of game play or bidding. When I was playing often, I searched and searched for books or websites that had some sort of definitive system. I would ask higher ranked players for opinions and teaching lessons, and of course I was always denied.

I don't mean for us to create a whole new bidding system, but to take the existing general knowledge most players have, and finalize it by making it a little more logical and easier to understand and learn on some of the finer, rarer points. While we are a small community, I think we have some of the sharpest card minds around. Maybe I'm biased, but I think we can do it. Then whatever happens will happen, but at least when we analyze hands together we will be on the same page with our bidding system.

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