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Do we need an off topic section?
In most forums there is an off topic section where member of the community aren't pigeon holed into only talking about the subject of the site. I've been told that having a section for off topic helps members find other similarities with each other, which adds to the cohesiveness of the community. Any thoughts on this?

March Madness is starting and I was thinking about making a post to see if any other PP members were into the college basketball tournament, but realized there is no appropriate forum to place it in. Off topic anyone?
Might as well have it available, if only as a dumping ground for OT posts.
Rick Hall
I think this site is wonderfully spam-free. I fear this will open the gate for posts that don't belong at Power Pinochle. It will be much harder to rightly remove even mildly spam-ish posts if there is a designated area. My recommendation is that the site not provide a place for networking Power Pinochle members for non-Power Pinochle reasons.

With our active member base still being small, perhaps doing a mass PM to the members, you could invite them to your favorite March Madness forum @ another site.
It's unbelievable how much you don't know about the game you've been playing all your life. -- Mickey Mantle
There are plenty of places on the interwebs for people to voice their opinions. I recommend we keep content on this site related to pinochle.
Keep it PINOCHLE!! I will close this thread. It has been decided.

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