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Pinochle at

Does anyone have any experience playing here? Is it any good?
I played a few hands against the computer with the tutorial on. It seems like it might be helpful for a player who is just learning. Let's hear feedback from others!
I detest the interface on, and it looks to be single deck only.
It is double deck. I played a few hands against the computer.
Hmm, ok. As I say, I hate the interface; it's overly fancy to the point of distraction. And in the lobby areas, looking for a table is a big PITA.

Still: playing against bots is poor, but it can be useful for a beginner.
The user interface is too busy.
There are -empty- ads screened between hands and a 30 second wait.
There are not very many players there. The players being un-ranked, finding a game you are comfortable with will be difficult.

The tutorial is no more helpful than reading a simple rules document.
Rick Hall

I too have played a bit at Games.COM.
The tutorial is no more helpful than a document that lays out rules and card play.
The game is double deck and uses the same meld table as Yahoo.
The user interface is very busy and the user experience is not smooth. The score screen at he end of a hand stays there for a while. There is a screen for a commercial. Currently no ad plays there, so you have to sit through 45 seconds of a black screen. Then you have an in-game 30 second pause.
The lobby is not useful. You have to scroll through tables of people playing against 3 computers and pairs against 2 computers. The players are not rated, nor are the lobbies. Finding a suitable partner or game could be difficult. Not very many players there either.
Rick Hall
About the only good thing I see is if a beginner wants to play against computer opponents to not embarrass oneself in front of human opponents. I also noticed in the scoring that you have the option, if you get the bid and don't think you can make it after seeing everyone's meld, to "surrender" the hand. What that means is that your team loses the points you won the bid for, but the opponents don't get to save their meld. Exactly like what happens if you win the bid and don't have a marriage. That is a strange rule.
It's a terrible rule.

Situationally, it's not that far different from an intentional sacrifice bid, in bridge; you know you're not going to make, but you keep the opponents from making theirs. HOWEVER, bridge has major bonuses for bidding game or slam, and it has the ability for the defenders to double, making the penalty MUCH higher.

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