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Beta Readers - Apply Here!
(07-16-2013, 08:15 AM)rakbeater Wrote:  I would love to get meld probabilities as well as learn about the bidding approaches you are talking about. Maybe we can talk about it on one of out game nights?

Newly joined, I spent time reading some of the threads last night (quite late!). The bidding system I use most was outlined in what I read (I plan on going back and study these discussions in more detail). The variant bidding scheme provides an opportunity to convey an "Aces" bid when past the "standard" point of 51 as first bidder.

I was particularly interested in gleaning more information on rating the hand for suit strength. It pertains nicely to a study I'm contemplating.

I've never played on-line. I'm not interested in paying someone to play a game that I play for fun. Can you explain the mechanics of your "game nights" and of playing on-line, please. Maybe open a thread and explain in detail to newbies. If you've already got on going, I apologize, I haven't got there yet.

If you provide an email address, I'll send you the paper I wrote on Double Deck Pinochle Meld Probabilities (It is comprehensive and quite long). I'm using an iPad that is not conducive to being able to add an attachment here. I tried selecting "Choose File" and "Add Attachment" below and that didn't work with Apple's iOS. Sorry, the iPad is all I have.

Just send it to

Our game nights are free of charge at yahoo games but I dont know if you can play on an iPad. It is worth looking into, and I will create a post to explain game nights. That is a good idea.
(07-02-2012, 10:57 PM)rakbeater Wrote:  If you are interested in becoming a Beta Reader for a new pinochle book, please respond here to apply.  I will contact you with a private message here in the forums to verify.  Thanks!

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