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help me play my acies correctly
Hi there! I play rated dbl deck 20/20 games on pogo. Lately I have had ppl with much higher rating than me tell me I need to learn how to play my acies, they say I waste them. Now I play my power wether(# of hands playd permitting) its offense or defense although on offense I usually hold on to my trump acies if I won the bid. There must be a strategy that I dont get. If its my turn wether its 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc I play my power if the suit hasnt been exhausted. I hope this makes sense. I would very much like to know the strategy. tysvm
Mrs claus, I moved your thread from the "Pinochle Bidding" section of the forums to the "Pinochle Game Play - Offense" section of the forums to keep things organized, so please go there to discuss this concept. I don't mean to be picky, but it is easier for everyone if we keep things organized for our members to discuss different topics. Here is a quick link to the other thread: Click Here!!

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