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Meld question - relative newbie
Scenario: Single deck, partner Pinochle. South wins the bid and calls spades trump. North has these cards, among others:    KS QS QS JD 
When melding, is it 1) optional to lay all 4 cards, 2) mandatory to lay all 4 cards, or 3) can North score the marriage and Pinochle by laying only the  KS QS JD ?
Does the answer(s) change if East wins the bid and calls spades trump?
The 2nd queen isn't playing any role in the meld, so it's not shown. A card can be used in multiple meld combinations; it's not "used up" by being in one.

No, it doesn't matter who names trump, or even what the trump suit is. The KQ of the same suit is still a marriage; the variation is whether it counts as 2 or 4, but it always counts.

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