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Announcement: New Meld Calculator
(01-19-2013, 09:37 AM)rakbeater Wrote:  Thank you Rick! It seems you have found a flaw in our calculator. It looks like if you don't have all four suits in a hand it won't calculate. We will have to fix this flaw. Thanks again!

That's a bit of a hasty response. Were you able to duplicate the error rakbeater? The program is purposely equipped to handle a quadruple run which means 20 cards of one suit.

I was unable to duplicate the error. The meld calculating program only requires 20 cards to trigger the calculation, nothing more is considered. I just entered the same hand
+typing the card values in the suit fields (Subsection #1), and that triggered and calculated normally.
+clicking on the card images (Subsection #2) and the program acted appropriately.
+creating a Permalink and then loading it into the address bar, which worked as well.

Perhaps it was a glitch page load and a reload of the page would have corrected. Richard are you able to reproduce the break today? If so, can you give me more details on how you are operating the program? This program should be cross-browser compatible, but perhaps you could tell me what browser/version you are using as well.

p.s. One thing that I will change, when I find time, is for the Meld Calculator Section to clear when there are not 20 cards selected. Currently, if you enter 20 cards and then delete one, the 20 card meld score is retained. It shouldn't take too long to write. We'll see.
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