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Bidding Analysis Hand #2
(01-31-2013, 02:32 PM)ToreadorElder Wrote:  So, mick's description is wrong. You DO NOT score any points at all until the play is complete. Team 2 might take the bid AND pull 31...but not make their bid. They lose points, and Team 1 doesn't save the meld. So even that "it'll be over regardless" does not hold when the bidding side needs more than 31 to save.

I'm not sure where Micks description is wrong. If you are using his example where team 2 has 350 points and the 160 meld when they take the bid, and they pull 31, they WILL make the bid and win the game. In his example if team 2 does not make the bid, then the team 1 will score over 500 and they will win the game. I'm going to assume TE just misread the post.

A goal of this free (for everyone besides me) site is for a friendly, helpful forum about pinochle, where everyone can be considerate of each other's feelings. This is a fun hobby for us all. The last thing I want to have happen here is that people are afraid to post for fear of being wrong or making a mistake because someone may rudely call them out on it. Hopefully in the future we can disagree nicely with each other and create an environment where everyone feels welcome to make a post to help a fellow pinochle enthusiast.

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