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More Tests
(07-30-2013, 01:53 PM)ToreadorElder Wrote:  Bidding tests are probably impractical. First, there's only a few plausible answers for any particular situation, so the choices are rather restricted. Second, a scoring system now becomes probably excessively dependent on the preferences of the test creator/scorer. Maybe you think giving meld is more important...your meld-asking bids either don't have 20+ meld, or have a notably more offensive hand (8 card run instead of 7, or a 2-suiter). The Bridge World has the monthly feature called the Master Solver's Club...they present *tricky* hands, with the auction proceeding up to this point, and it's your turn to bid the hand. They have about 30 panelists submit their answers, and frequently comments, for each problem. The comments are probably the more critical, as they expose the thinking process. That's what lets you compare and contrast, and really think through a situation. Of course, bridge bidding is much more technical and with a much richer language. Another distinction: there's a common frame of reference, Bridge World Standard. It's a system that's been developed and refined through polling experts and readers alike, so yeah, it's something of a committee project and therefore not perfect...but it *does* cover most situations. We've got nothing formal.

I agree with your concerns and have thought on the subject enough to pencil in the following methods to overcome some of the challenges in Bidding Tests and 2nd-round Play Tests:

1. Get support and contributions from our member base.
2. Restrict the situational play to a point where there is only 1 correct bid (to 99% confidence, some cases will be impossible to achieve 100%).
3. Situations will display some or all considerations a player might have:
  1. Game Score
  2. Seat Position
  3. Hand's Bidding History
  4. Cards Dealt
  5. Scorechart
  6. Cards Played, if any (for 2nd-round Play)
  7. ...and more as necessary to build a solid scenario
4. Random generations may not be viable, set sequences will likely need to be supplied.

Every aspect of a given Test will have to have a solid justification, so if something is marked as "incorrect" then a reason is supplied to the player. I'm very much just brainstorming this, so don't expect me to start rolling these Tests out anytime soon. I just want to plant a seed in the minds of our members. I am sure I won't do this alone!
It's unbelievable how much you don't know about the game you've been playing all your life. -- Mickey Mantle

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