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Want More?
I'm not saying I have time. In fact, I'll admit that I don't have time. However, when I do have time, what should I create next? What would be most valuable to Power Pinochle and its members? rakbeater and I talk from time to time about priorities for PP, but I wonder what the community thinks.

Would it be valuable to create a 'test/tutorial' page for the second round of a hand? Perhaps a collection of small training hands that emphasize certain strategies? I've heard whispers of having a 3 to 5-card hand and trying to win the most tricks with the set combination of cards. ...something that isn't timed, so beginners can experiment stress-free. What would you want to see in such a program? What information should I provide to the user for a certain scenario? I could make a framework, and then compile a database of scenarios that correspond to a certain technique that it teaches when executed properly. Does anyone have any examples that I could brainstorm with? A 3 or 4-card hand (where all four seats' cards are delineated) that the user must play in a exact way to win maximum tricks. I would of course give credit to the individual authors for each scenarios.

Anyhow, that is just one idea.
If anyone has more ideas, make a suggestion.
You can PM me or send me an email via
I'd love to compare lists -- Forum Team's vs. Community's.
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