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Odds Of Opposing Runs In Trump - MattK1 - 01-04-2020

Hello. I am a rank beginner and was playing pinochle last night for only the 3rd time. My fellow players were my girlfriend, her sister and her brother-in-law. We are all in our 50's and they have been active players for decades. Each of them have played tens of thousands of hands. Last night, a hand occurred that astounded my partner and our opponents and I'm curious about the odds/probability of this occurrence.

The details : We were playing single deck, 4-handed. My partner dealt. Her brother-in-law passed. I bid the minimum (21) and was outbid by the fourth player. The bid was eventually taken by my opponent at 27. (Again, I am BRAND NEW to the game, so although I realized I had a very strong hand, I did not understand the importance of winning the bid.) I had a Run with a 9 in Hearts and Kings Around. Here's where it gets strange and the big question arose. My opponent declares Hearts as trump and lays down a Run with a 9 in Hearts! What are the chances of this happening? 

And, I know it doesn't matter but we scored 42 points in the hand and STILL lost the game. Oh well....

Thanks in advance for any input.


RE: Odds Of Opposing Runs In Trump - marya - 01-07-2020

Hi MattK1, I only play Double Deck but it would be interesting to hear from anyone who knows the probability on this one! - Marya