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A Hello and Help for Beginners!
Hello members of Power Pinochle!

I am Alexis and I write for the website

My colleagues and I have been working very hard to create a website that is easy to navigate and read, but more importantly houses a huge selection of game rules and histories of games. 

I believe we have achieved this and we still work every day to create content for our users. 

If you are new to Pinochle, and have never played it before, you can find easy to understand rules to the game here:

Also, if you are interested in learning more about Trick-Taking games and learning about new Trick-Taking games, like Pinochle, you can find that information here:

We hope you use our website to learn about all sorts of games, because at Gamerules the GAMES RULE!  Big Grin

Have fun and play on fellow game lovers!
Welcome to Power Pinochle and best of luck with your rules site, Alexis.

Pinochle, with all of its variants and tribal rule-sets, is a very challenging game to explain in a comprehensive/concise manner (we have been trying to do this task too).  Nonetheless, I always encourage everyone to promote and grow pinochle in any fashion that they can.

Power Pinochle is happy to connect pinochle enthusiasts and all available resources.

If you or your visitors have any questions about rules interpretation, please post a question in the most appropriate forum and our members will gladly offer our guidance/knowledge.

While I take a hard stance and quickly stop out advertising spam, your site it directly beneficial to our readers.  Feel free to improve your profile and write a link to your site in your profile's website and signature fields.
It's unbelievable how much you don't know about the game you've been playing all your life. -- Mickey Mantle
Yep.  You're talking only about single deck, at least in the article you link.

Just a few points about wording:

Quote:Aces around (100 Aces) – four Aces, different suits – 10 or 100 points

First:  by that wording,  AD AD AC AC counts.  
Second:  there's only a few places where you indicate scoring by 1's.  Most of the time, it's scoring by 10s.  Yeah, you mention there are some alternative scoring rules that need scoring by 10s, because cards won in tricks are not always worth 10 exactly.  As it is, the references to 1's scoring are just confusing.  I wonder if this is from the pgbradley's rules pages...they say each point card is 1 point, but meld scoring is on the 10s scale.  That means meld's *everything*, which is really poor.

The bidding rules are vague...what, precisely, is "pass with help"?  

Passing cards is by no means a universal rule, in single or double deck.

As mick noted, the rules are diverse...altho most sites are showing that, in 4-handed partnership single deck, passing happens.  Ugh.  Makes for a terrible game IMO.

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