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rankings added to Double Deck Pinochle at World of Card Games
I hope this post will not be considered spam...

I've added "ranked" Double Deck Pinochle games to World of Card Games. Ranked games are special in a few ways:
  1. You cannot start a game with bots. If someone leaves, a bot may be invited to take their place. This gives you an opportunity to at least start your game with a human partner, but you won't have to sit a long time waiting if someone quits.
  2. If you accidentally leave the site due to a browser crash or internet issue, you are allowed 2 minutes to get back to your game. If you go to the site within 2 minutes, you will be reconnected to your game automatically. (A bot may have replaced you in the meantime since some people do not like to wait, but the bot will get kicked when you return.)
  3. Only registered users can play ranked games. Also, you must have played 10 regular games at the site before playing in a ranked game.
  4. Ranked games are special tables that can only be accessed via the 'list of tables' or the 'Menu' button.
  5. You get an Elo rating once you play a game. The default is 1500. The Elo rating improves as you win more games. If you quit a ranked game, and do not return within the grace period, you automatically lose the game (causing a drop in your Elo rating), and you are banned from ranked games for 2 hours. Your partner does not automatically lose, however, and if they stay and win they get full credit for defeating both opponents.
Here's a link to the blog post where this feature was announced:

I've also tuned up the bots a bit, based on feedback from several different people. I'm sure they still have flaws! If you notice them doing something weird, I'd really appreciate it if you grab the hand history once the hand is finished, and send it to me, with a description of what they did wrong.

I should mention that I have not updated the bots to use or recognize a Jack leadback. This is something that I'd like to do in a future update. I hadn't understood that Jacks were a leadback until recently (well, this year anyway).
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Just a reminder: to grab the hand history, wait till the hand finishes, and then click the little "power pinochle" widget that appears just to the right of, and below, your avatar. There's a blog post about that too:

The pinochle hand history can be played in Power Pinochle's hand animator.
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Great work Marya!  How exciting.  I look forward to hearing how it all goes for you, what you learn from this, and what your members think.
It's unbelievable how much you don't know about the game you've been playing all your life. -- Mickey Mantle

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