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Response to mick's "Announcement" post
I can't respond there because that board appears to be reserved for administrators.


I don't appreciate being blindsided.  THAT should never have been posted publicly until you had asked me privately, and most definitely it should not have been on that board.  

For the time being, I'll assume it was an oversight that you actually can't get any feedback from the general members about the idea, to see whether they actually would value it.
Are you insulted by the idea that I wish to promote your very solid bidding system and tout it as the most complete and effective known system?
You are welcome to decline my invitation for any reason.  There is no disgrace in doing so.

"blindsided" ...hmm, you otherwise could have considered it a "warm/interesting prospect/surprise"; why would you twist my invitation into an attack, geez. 

If you are insulted that I didn't first speak to you privately, then you are being a little touchy.
This invitation serves to communicate that Power Pinochle is open to contributions and inclusive of members and their ideas.
Perhaps someone will read the announcement and ask if their system can also be publicized here.

I want readers to know that despite our occasional disagreements, I have no reservations with helping you to deliver something that you wish more people understood.
It is clear that you wish to share your system with the public; if you wanted to keep it a secret then you wouldn't have made hundreds of posts on this site (I don't even know how many posts you made in the old Yahoo! site).

If you don't want to do it right now, that's fine.  If this was a project I was doing, I'd be easily be taking months to complete it.
This offer will remain on the table for years to come.  I can't think of any possible event that would cause me to withdraw the invitation.

I haven't given up on the Pinochle Animator project, it is just taking a backseat while I handle some more pressing work and family engagements.

Finally, I don't care about how much response I get from members about the idea.  I watch the traffic that visits this site and there are probably 10:1 non-members to members viewing the forum.  Serving great information to non-members is just as important to me as serving members.  In alignment with our basic mission at PP, we want pinochle and its players to prosper.

I cannot be any more generous than I am being right now.  If you would like me to help publicize your intellectual property, I am saying I will do that at NO COST to you and give you all the credit.
The only thing this costs you is effort, and you are already putting effort into your posts.
It is only a matter of interest for you.  If you want it - you can have it; if you don't - don't bother.
It's unbelievable how much you don't know about the game you've been playing all your life. -- Mickey Mantle
Call it a comment about how you did it. It was too close to a presentation of a fait accompli, rather than a request.

As far as the matters to *me*. I'd like to see if there's real, broad interest. I like the quizzes, I like the occasional You Be The Judge (good hands for that don't pop up often)...but almost no one gives feedback. Other than on the pinochle notation thread, how many posts have there been, by *anyone* other than you, me, and rak? (Oh...the Euler project problems had a few.) So one big question is, would this be just a big waste of my time?
One reason why some people might not want to chime in on your quizzes or "judge this fringe case" threads, is because they always feel like they are traps with unwaveringly predetermined solutions.
People generally don't like to be told they are inferior/stupid.  So if they suggest anything other than what is "correct", they risk being told they are horribly, stupidly, ignorantly WRONG.  There have been more than a few times when I have elected not to engage in one of these threads for this reason.  Then later, I decide that I don't care if I am called horribly stupid by someone I've never met, and I end up posting something.  Most people probably avoid the drama altogether.

My advice would be, if you wish to have more interactions with people in the forum, be more open to alternative view points and never chastise someone for their thoughts.  Often it is not what your are saying but how you say it.  You can still make your claims and disprove someone else's while avoiding terms like: "horrible", "stupid", etc.  I mean, honestly, who wants to be spoken to like that?

Better proof of what people think of threads is Views count.  When you see a thread with a proportionately low number of posts and a high number of views, I would generally say that the thread is:
  • Relevant
  • Informative
  • Well Titled (and appropriately found by search engines)
  • and potentially under minimal dispute
Now, back to the point.  Power Pinochle is "missing a trick" by NOT currently hosting your bidding system in a dedicated space outside of the forum.  The fact that people must rummage through our, now rather hefty, collection of threads to find parts of your system is a let down.  I think it is a waste of time for readers versus having the system beautifully packaged in one place.

As for if it is a waste of time for you, I again say no.  By engaging in the packaging process, you will be able to pinpoint where gaps and grey areas are and address/explain them; it may even spur new threads.  If you don't think your posts are a waste of time, then there is no need to consider this project a waste of time either.

You are already expressing yourself and educating others; now you have the opportunity to express yourself and educate others more effectively.
Search engines will be more likely to funnel traffic to a dedicated page than a particular post of a thread.
I assure you, this is not a pressurized thing.  If you ever decide to take the offer, we'll publish it.
It's unbelievable how much you don't know about the game you've been playing all your life. -- Mickey Mantle

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