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An Official Bidding System by ToreadorElder?
Recent discussion has led me to a new consideration.
While rakbeater is slowly considering the development of a new unorthodox bidding system.
Bidding explanation remains a resource hole (there are several) at Power Pinochle.

Players of all levels would be well served to have a single, solid bidding system presented on this site.
Rather than try to make the unofficial "CABS" into something official.
It might be best to offer a separate system, 100% named, built, packaged, and owned by ToreadorElder.
I have every confidence that TE's system is the most complete system that anyone has to offer -- making it a credible top priority resource.

While I haven't conferred with rakbeater, I don't foresee any issues.
I'll use this opportunity to publicly invite ToreadorElder to consider streamlining the delivery of his bidding system.
I intend to promote his system as the default system that all double-deck pinochle players should learn.
It integrates reasonably with CABS but goes farther in explaining decisions, making it a wise choice for player development.

Power Pinochle has always endeavored to assist and promote enthusiasts; teachers and learners alike.
This is an opportunity, a project, that comes without a deadline, but would be a great leap for the improvement of pinochle.

In the future, I plan to use Pinochle Notation (to script specific scenarios) with a customized Pinochle Animator-esque program to provide an interactive training/test which will teach and reinforce the system.

I think the biggest challenge for TE will be to boil his system down into its least verbose version without losing any of its accuracy.

If any of our other members are interested in making contributions to Power Pinochle, send me a private message.
It's unbelievable how much you don't know about the game you've been playing all your life. -- Mickey Mantle

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