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new heights in bad bidding
First hand of the game.  Partner is West with


(suit order is s/h/d/c)

Auction "W"]
50 Pass Pass 51
60 - - 65

He bids this *twice*.  As you can imagine, I have no miracle.  They pull 40.

Some hands later, I'm dealer.  His hand:

[Auction "E"]
52 53 Pass 56
Pass 57 - Pass

WHAT???  What the @#*($U$(*@&#$ is this freakin' 53?  On *maybe* a 2 trick hand.  THIS time, I can bail his stupid butt out;  I have AKQJTT.AAKQJJ.AKKT.AKQQ

and he needs ALL of it.  EVERY trick.  He takes 2 trumps;  I take 6 tricks.  Thank your Power of choice I had *2* trump 10's.  The second was the trick that put us over 20;  I needed one to force out the ace from the run.

Finally, this hand.  South deals, so he starts the bidding.  The score at this point...they've had some poor luck, and made their own mistakes.  We're up 436-300.


[Auction "S"]
50 65 Pass Pass
70 75 - -

Yeah, 50's fine...but 70?  He has 21 and 8 it 9 to be generous.  So, his hand's worth about 43 if he's pretty darn lucky.  I'm going to provide 27???  WE are ahead.  Reverse the score...they would go out.  OK, maybe worth a shot.  This time, his butt gets saved by a totally moronic bid by North with


Mind...with the score, maybe, but this is the wrong hand.  He painted himself into the corner to start with, by jumping to 65;  IMO if he's going to do that, then when it goes as it did, and opener rebids...he's got to hope he's forced the bidding too high, and 70 won't make.  He doesn't have an offensive hand, particularly;  that's strike 1.  Strikes 2 and 3 are the hands I showed earlier.  These were all in the same *game*....he knew first-hand, the bidder *grotesquely* overbid at times.  It's what makes his 65 actually a plausible action...but the 75 is too much.  It just gives the idiot opponent a chance to be lucid for a moment.

OK, *maybe* my partner's 70 was a bluff...but don't bluff *here*!  Don't bluff when it's completely toothless, AND you're in the lead late in the game.  He makes his 65...give him 75 total, say, and assume we don't save.  Score would be about 436-375.  We're still probably at bid and save to win;  65's pretty average.  They're not.  They'll have to stretch.  But I can't buy it's a bluff, just because the git made the earlier 2 bids.
Hahahahahaha. Sounds awful.
One thing that helped a good bit, back when Yahoo was around, was at least the *hint* of skill-based differentiation. It could be that I've long forgotten...but I just don't recall anyone in Adv Lounge 1 that was this clueless.
Round 2. Different partner but very similar. Partner was East.

Auction "W"]
50 51 Pass Pass
52 53 - -
54 55 - -
60 Pass

He had AKQJJT.AKKJJ.AKQJ.QJJTT. Why???? This is a completely support/defensive hand; there's no offensive orientation at all.

I think rak's point in the other thread, that people never learn anything about hand quality, might have a large core of truth.

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