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Just finished a game where my "partner" was very likely the worst player I have ever had the misfortune to play with.  He bid JUNK on almost EVERY hand.  ANY hand with a run, he'd bid.  Over and over.  6 card runs...1 side ace.  Nope, he's bidding.  And *repeatedly* losing control of the trump suit.

First hand...he's bidding freely.  I have to win the last trick with a non-trump 10, or we don't pull 20.

Second hand...he bids up to 60 with next to nothing, and me not giving any meld.  Pretty sure he misses by a bunch.

Third hand...he opens 50, I bid 51, he bids 52.  He names spades...MY suit.  *I* have the triple ace run.  I think he has a 6 card run.  And 1 side ace. 

Last hand I really remember...RHO opened 51;  I bid 53.  LHO passed, pard bid 54.  RHO bid 55.  Pard ultimately played it at 60.  He had queens around, a trump marriage, and one side marriage.  6, maybe 7 trump...maybe 3 aces total.  He got *slaughtered*.
That's not close to fun...

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