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Explanation of User Titles
There has been some concern over the User Titles that are shown in the forums based on your total post count.  Keep in mind this is just for fun and are easily changed.  If there are some good ideas and consensus, I can try a different list.  Below is the current list of user titles, followed by the post count required to attain that level of title.  Start a thread in Pinochle Discussion if you are interested in discussing.  Thanks!

Card Shuffler 0 

Rookie Bidder 5 

Novice Bidder 10 

Bidder in Training 20 

Student Bidder 30 

Apprentice Bidder 40 

Amateur Bidder 50 

Junior Bidder 60 E

Natural Bidder 70 

Competent Bidder 80 

Proficient Bidder 90 

Advanced Bidder 100 

Veteran Bidder 125 

Senior Bidder 150 

Master Bidder 175 

Expert Bidder 200 

Professional Bidder 225 

Genius Bidder 250 

Champion Bidder 300 

Rookie Meld Bidder 350 

Novice Meld Bidder 400 

Meld Bidder in Training 450 

Student Meld Bidder 500 

Apprentice Meld Bidder 550 

Amateur Meld Bidder 600 

Junior Meld Bidder 650 

Natural Meld Bidder 700 

Competent Meld Bidder 750 

Proficient Meld Bidder 800 

Advanced Meld Bidder 850 

Veteran Meld Bidder 900 

Senior Meld Bidder 950 

Master Meld Bidder 1000 

Expert Meld Bidder 1100 

Professional Meld Bidder 1200 

Genius Meld Bidder 1300

Champion Meld Bidder 1400 

Rookie Power Bidder 1500 

Novice Power Bidder 1600 

Power Bidder in Training 1700 

Student Power Bidder 1800 

Apprentice Power Bidder 1900 

Amateur Power Bidder 2000

Junior Power Bidder 2100 

Natural Power Bidder 2200 

Competent Power Bidder 2300 

Proficient Power Bidder 2400 

Advanced Power Bidder 2500 

Veteran Power Bidder 2600 

Senior Power Bidder 2700 

Master Power Bidder 2800 

Expert Power Bidder 2900

Professional Power Bidder 3000 

Genius Power Bidder 3100 

Champion Power Bidder 3200 

Champion of the World 20000 

Champion of the Universe 25000
For the record, this was my grievance to rakbeater.
I didn't feel that there was a steady upword flow/ranking in the wording of the titles.
It is a very minor thing, and obviously very few of us have the time to worry about this.
If anyone gets trapped in an elevator for a few hours without wifi and can dream up a new set of a few dozen titles, please share with us.
It's unbelievable how much you don't know about the game you've been playing all your life. -- Mickey Mantle
I did receive on good PM regarding user titles (a month ago that I just now noticed and read), so I'm hoping that can be developed further. One thing to remember is that total posts are also shown by the number of Power Pinochle symbols under your name, although they can be difficult to see against the black background of the forums.

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