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Forum Changes
I have changed the name of a mostly unused sub-forum and added a new parent and sub-forum.  

The name change is now our new Pinochle Literature forum.  I already moved one thread into this forum, so if anyone sees other threads that should be moved, please bump those posts to bring them to my attention.

The new parent forum is Non-Pinochle Discussion with a sub-forum called General Discussion.  This is actually an old sub-forum that didn't seem to fit at the time but has now been resurrected.  We have an active community here at Power Pinochle and I want to give an option for the community to be able to talk about things that aren't only pinochle related. As the community grows and friendships are made, this new forum allows for the growth of a greater sense of community here at Power Pinochle.  This is only a trial run to see how things go. If you have any comments about this new forum, please comment there!   


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