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What would you like to see in a Pinochle Playing Site?
(10-17-2014, 06:33 PM)rakbeater Wrote:  Bathroom breaks?  Bah, that is what laptops are for.  Smile  I remember the day before poker sites had every tournament break at the same time every hour.  When you were multi-tabling, you had to have a laptop.....or a bed pan if you didn't want to miss a hand. (especially deepin the tournament when big money was at stake) lol

In fact, I added the "Pause" button to private tables specifically because someone told me that they really needed a bathroom break now and then! I've had a few players request it for public tables but I just know it would work too rarely to be worth adding it. Many public table players are simply too impatient and would override the pause button.
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(10-16-2014, 01:36 PM)ToreadorElder Wrote:  PlayOK's approach, tho, is a good lesson:  consider the implications of any policy you want to put into place on your site.  Yahoo can be excused simply because those games go back a LONG ways, and perhaps the amount of external guidance for setting those policies was minimal.

This is a good point. I always try very hard to consider the impact of any changes that I make. Is it easier for people to cheat if I add feature X? Will some minority of players have more trouble playing if I add Y? In the end, you make trade-offs.

It's not easy. I put a lot of thought into everything I do, but even so, I rely on users to help me out by telling me when things go wrong. I still think many players will just get frustrated and leave, without giving the developer a chance to fix things, which is too bad.
Play Pinochle at World of Card Games!
(07-16-2014, 11:12 AM)rakbeater Wrote:  Just for fun, because I'm not flush with extra money to actually follow through with this at this point in my life, but what would you like to see a in an online system/program/game?

Take the best, eliminate the worst, and add your own suggestions as to what would be your ultimate online multi-player pinochle playing system.

Mick's post got me thinking about it:

I would like to see a system where there is a section of tables for "speed" pinochle" (for all those non-thinkers who just want to click constantly) and then tables for those who actually need a little time to think for newbies or experienced, analytical players.  I would also want the rating, games played, won/lost, games timed out/quit, and the key stat I would want would be: average time to make a bid and average time to lay a card.  I would only want kibitzing to happen on "training" or "social" tables.  I want the graphics simple but clean.  Other thoughts?
I agree with rakbeater in that a seperate site be established for the "speed" players. Others should have a site that "thinkers" can take longer to ponder their play. Sincerely,

For a speed-play about a fairly short per-action timeout, and if you do time out, a bot makes this play for you. The timeout here might be 15 seconds.

For analytic play, the timeout is longer, and you have a time bank (as I think I've outlined earlier) that you can use. THEN the bot kicks in, or if the time bank is big, maybe a forfeit.

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