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Hello Pinocle Players!
I am very happy you are here however, not sure if anyone participates any longer. Just a bit about myself:

I am an older grandmother, but I hear that I don't seems to be. I grew up on Pinocle, Euchre and Bridge, but have not played in years, so I am a bit rusty.

I must add that Pinocle is my kryptonite and I seem to transform into my grandfather whenever I hear of a game happening.

Not sure how this website works. Maybe someone can direct me. I would prefer to play in person, but cannot find any groups in San Diego. One would think in a city this large...oh, well. Guess I will take what I can get.

Thanks so much for being here. Hope I'm not visiting a ghost town.

In Good Health to you all,
Mrs. Holly Kang

Welcome to the forums! There is plenty of great information to read regarding the game of pinochle. We are a small group here, and we are not very active, but we used to play at Yahoo Games before it was "temporarily" shut down for renovations. Now, PlayOK seems to be the place to play, although I personally have yet to find the time to play there. Have you played online before? That seems to be the best option for most of us, since finding a game locally is very difficult.
Hi Rakbeater,
Thanks for writing. I have never played online but I guess there's a first time for everything. Truthfully, I would rather play face to face but I cannot find anyone who plays here in San Dayglo. Too bad. I always would laugh hysterically whenever I played in the past. Oh well...looks like there are Euchre games here, which is better than nothing. Looking for something to get me out of the house. Will keep in touch and hope you are well.


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