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comments about PlayOK
Yes, this happens from time to time...but IMO it's not that common. Also: I believe they can't do it invisibly. PlayOK grays out the user name when the table frame loses focus, and switching to the chat window will trigger that. I haven't tried hard, but I don't think you can even have the table frame and the PlayOK chat frame open at the same time (in separate windows, say) so both sender and receiver would show it. So if you see that happening regularly, yeah, seems pretty likely they're cheating. But then you just block them.

BUT, I take the precaution, generally, of checking the record of a player I don't know. When I see a high win percentage overall...certainly 60% and above, but even 55% is worth's time to see that player's partnership results. Because there are some fairly obvious forms of cheating that wouldn't be detectable, really in any way...probably not even by slow actions.

Cheating has always been a problem playing online. I actually suspect there's LESS cheating at PlayOK than there was on, say, Yahoo, because of the time constraints and the other precautions.
PlayOK Chat window-based cheating would be more likely to occur between players from different IP addresses.

If you are at the same location, you could either verbalize your cheating or just allow both partners to see both screens.

To have a truly rational claim on the subject of cheating, I'm afraid you'd have to collect a sizable volume of evidence that provides overwhelming proof of suspicious game play.

I can't argue the likelihood of cheating online.
It spoils online gaming, but sadly little can be done ...especially if you are playing with strangers.
It's unbelievable how much you don't know about the game you've been playing all your life. -- Mickey Mantle
(10-17-2016, 09:49 AM)joxxk Wrote:  that don't have nothing to do with what I said.. There is a private chat built right into the software, where 2 partners can share information about their hands. AND THEY DO!

I do not see a private chat. Where is that? But after playing about 50 games under three usernames, I'm certain something is wrong. I've played pinochle for nearly sixty years. Most of that was single hand and most of that more than 30 years ago; however, even ten years ago it was very unusual to lose more than one out of four hands. I'm just really darned good. It took a while to catch on the double deck rules and the style of Playok. I like the style, but at least five out of six hands are poor compared to the competition. Inevitably, I slide from the 1200 starting point towards 1000 even though I've playing the right cards most of the time and bidding what is reasonable. Often I can't bid a single hand and my partner is about as bad off. Now, I'm not a poor sport, but a pretty bright and well educated fellow who knows pinochle. I can't tell you what exactly, but something isn't right. Nevertheless, it's a good way to kill time if you don't mind getting shafted.
PlayOK doesn't supply a chat window, as the obvious cheating WOULD happen. But all it takes is any kind of messaging app, particularly one supporting voice chat as is common in first person, team-play shooters. Voice chat won't have any typing lag, so would be almost undetectable on that basis.

You may think you're bidding correctly, but partnership bidding isn't just about bidding what's reasonable, which I tend to read as "what I think I can make." It's about sharing info too.
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