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Yahoo shift...
Is playok new? Or should I ask, how new? I will have to investigate.
PlayOK is reasonable to play on. One thing is still kinda bugging me...if E-W take the bid at 65, it shows "EW 66" on the playing screen. That threw me off. Otherwise, so far it looks like Yahoo meld charts and bidding. There are things (like meld) that could be presented better, but it's OK.

The level of play is very low, tho. And I'll need more time/more games to see if I trust the RNG/dealing algorithm. 2 games is certainly not enough, but opps got run opposite run about 5-6 times, and there were some other oddities in the cards that disturbed me. But as I say...too small a sample size to make too much of it.
Any news on Yahoo?
this is where they're directing you

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