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Just a little quiet around here
Anybody here?

Rick Hall
We are around. Just haven't been posting. Mick has been ultra busy, and he is the key for the big ideas and plans we have. I am starting a new career and working two jobs, while going to school, and that has really kept me busy, but the most frustrating thing has happened to me twice now in two years. (my fault, I should have learned the first time) I rarely would back up my data on my computer and two years ago in November my old computer died. Oops, so no big deal, I didn't have that much progress on my beginners book, so I bought a new, cheap laptop and because it was new, I felt I didn't have to back it up very often. Strangely enough this past November, my new laptop died (bad motherboard - get what you pay for I guess) and you guessed it, I didn't save my work (and I had put a lot of time into it this time). So with holidays coming up, I really backed off of it, and I didn't have a computer for a while. (right now I am on my wife's computer while she is at work) Logan and I were playing pinochle at least every other week online, but since the loss of my computer I haven't played since November. I haven't talked to Mick I don't think, since December...time to rectify that situation somehow. Anyway, good to hear from someone here, even if it isn't directly pinochle related.
I've noticed it's been really quiet.

rak, I hear ya, I've had similar problems. Got a 2 TB network-attached drive now, where I try to keep backups for the critical stuff.
A dead laptop does not mean you can't get stuff off the hard drive.

Rick Hall
Well the first one that died, they couldn't get anything (they said). The last one that died, they were able to transfer over to my external hard drive, but I'm not sure what they did, because I can't find my writing files. I initially had paid to get my motherboard replaced but it was defective and only worked 1 day. I am not taking my computers to this shop anymore.
It is true, I have been ridiculously busy.
At most I check on the website, purge the spammerbot registrations and get back to work.
Can't even remember the last time I had a card game. day, maybe when my children have children.
It's unbelievable how much you don't know about the game you've been playing all your life. -- Mickey Mantle
I think I might have found an older version of my pinochle documents. At least it is something to build on.

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