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5/15/13 Game
Going to be playing in the beginner lounge, but if it is full, you will have to use a backdoor to get in. Post here or contact me on skype (rakbeater) if you are having any problems. Will post the table number when it is available.

here is a link to use get into the beginner lounge if it is full
Table 23 - (Michael Jordan)
ok if any one knows why my computer wont login to yahoo please let me know I have a windows 8 computer and it just keeps saying loading in 3 minutes thank you
can you get on skype with us? we are talking hookins through right now.
add lanjoky as a friend on skype and he will invite you to our group call.
We are going to move to
Due to problems with Yahoo for some players we are now playing at in the lobby Double Run, search for rakbeater to find out table.

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