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Meld Training
For some, the jump from learning how to count meld to being successful at the Meld Test is too great.
rakbeater and I have produced a simple little page to help our members bridge the gap.

Meld Training (login required):

Like the Meld page, Meld Training displays the scorechart for referencing.
In nearly all other ways, Meld Training behaves identically to the Meld Test.
Meld Training is far less time consuming because it only asks a user to meld score 1 hand instead of 10.
There is no Leaderboard for Meld Training, build up your confidence and take the test.

This 3-part structure is one of the ways Power Pinochle intends to sharpen all of its members' skills.
Learn -> Practice -> Test

We have an array of skills to teach, so keep your eyes peeled for new releases.

p.s. There is currently no link to Meld Training in the navigation menu.
Providing links to the three meld pages as a dropmenu is on my long list of things to do.
For now, go to Meld -> Create a hand -> click the button that reads "Train For Speed!"
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