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Smile As you notice my handle is deadeye61. Deadeye was a nickname given to me by my best friend in high school. He and I were on the varsity rifle team. Sixty-one was the year I learn pinochle.
I learn pinochle on a ship by some Marines in 1961 sailing around the Dominican Republic after the assassination of Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina. It was my first time on a ship. We were on the water for twenty days before they told us where we were. For me the water was just water and it was all around us, far as I could see. I had no clue what body of water. It was a little stressful, especially on the 3rd day. I came top side that morning, looked around and counted fifty-three military ships of all kinds. I ask myself, where in hell are we going. Now for people that don’t know about being on a ship. The 3rd day is usually when everybody gets they sea legs. Now it's time to figure out what to do with all this spare time, read a book, write a letter or play some cards. I saw some guys playing a card game that I was not familiar with ( Double-Deck Pinochle ), but some parts of it did look familiar to a game that I played well back in my neighborhood. I learn this game from some Afro-Americans in my neighborhood. Bid-Whit was the game. I watched for a few days and then got a partner and just sat down and played. The only things I was really worried about, was how to count my meld, plus how to bid and play well enough to impress the other players. Playing well enough was my most concerned because nobody played this game for free. The standard game was: penny a point, dollar a set. I only made seventy-five dollars a month. So if you didn't play well, nobody would take you as a partner. The word got around quickly on how you played. I caught on to the game quickly, but I made lots of mistakes on the basic plays and the rules. After I was told or taught I was able to reestablish my status with the guys. My partners were really good in showing me how to play, every phase of the game.
Phases of the game: bidding, how to read the meld cards laid out, how to play if you made trump, how to play if you are the partner of the player that made trump, how to play if your team didn't make trump and few other tricks under other circumstances. I come to realize all card game revolve around MATH. Probability - the extent to which something is probable; the likelihood of something happening.  Probability is the key to pinochle, plus skill. Skill - the ability to do something well. 
I have come to this site in the hope to play some skillful and honest pinochle games. Plus to share my skills with others. Angry Pogo and Yahoo are hard places to play. Angry Weak players, cheats and egos.
Smile Semper Fi, deadeye61
Welcome to the community DeadEye! Great background story. I am looking forward to your input in our discussions. We still have to play on Yahoo or Pogo (mostly Yahoo) but one of the reasons for this forum is to meet with honest, nice pinochle players, so we can play with partners and opponents we like in order to maximize our enjoyment. View the Pinochle Partners forum here:

Please explore the website and let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions for us. Keep trying to beat my meld test score!
And many of the weak players have the biggest egos. No surprise there, I suppose. Back when I played tournament bridge...the occasional regional, once a National because it was in Vegas that year...a common format was stratified pairs. In this format, you'll have players of massively diverse skill levels all playing together in the same field. For determining winners, tho, they were split into 3 flights, A, B, and C, with A being the highest, and commonly having pros and recognized national and international level players. I liked playing against the top players...the ones who'd made their name. They were always courteous, with perhaps one major exception that I can recall...the pro and his sponsor-client (as in, the sponsor paid the pro's way in world championship level events) had a really bad session...they were following us in the movement, so I could hear some not so nice things going on between them. But that, as I say, was the exception. The rude ones were usually those trying to make their names.
Welcome, I learned to play in the military as well. Agree with the cheats on Yahoo, gets old when a guy bids 60 with a marriage and his partner has a monster run and meld. They do that to let you know they are cheating so someone will quit, lock room and quick points.
deadeye and Steve, maybe you two would like to partner up and try the new double-deck pinochle game @ World of Card Games.

Let us know how you go.
It's unbelievable how much you don't know about the game you've been playing all your life. -- Mickey Mantle
(08-23-2015, 11:28 PM)mickmackusa Wrote:  deadeye and Steve, maybe you two would like to partner up and try the new double-deck pinochle game @ World of Card Games.

Let us know how you go.

I think I'm one of the best, but I'm open minded! So let's get together and exchange some strategies. I need a good partner to play on World of Card Games.

We can discuss strategies on zoom, before hooking up and playing. (subject ) pinochle.

Semper Fi, Deadeeye61

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