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Hi I am John Cook
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I have been playing pinochle my whole life, mostly with my dad using a dead man. Now I play doubles on my I phone, single deck and double deck, I am a little old school having played with the extra 0 all of my life. Takes a little getting used to dropping it. when my dad and I played we bid whatever we wanted, if we had a great hand one would be under at 15 and then the other would bid 20 (single deck with dead man) if you were unsure you would just bid 1 higher.
Welcome John! If you are looking for a partner sometime, let me know in the forums. I'd rather only play with Power Pinochle Members that I can get to know, rather than a random partner who may or may not be a nice person. Hope you enjoy the site, and let us know if you think we need to add something.

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