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3rd Seat Bidding
When you're in 3rd seat (putting dealer to your left), you have unique bidding issues when partner passes.

First: when partner passes, regardless of what 2nd seat have all the information you will ever have.

So...if the auction starts pass-50...never bid less than 60, if you're going to bid at all. Some people prefer 58, and that can work, as most opponents won't have agreements to cope. But 60 is easier.

What do you need? Not that much. Pass-50-60 often draws 65 from one of the two opponents...and it won't make a fair bit of the time. So I'm entirely willing to bid 60 on


That's 21 meld, 8 tricks for another 20...41. I need 19. That's more than normal from partner; remember, I usually expect 15. The pressure aspect makes the difference here; the opponents will get it wrong often enough to pay off the increased risk.

You can also try this after pass-51 or pass-52...but NOT pass-53. Over the first 2, if dealer doesn't have a run, 60 will steal it. But when 2nd seat gives 53, it's long odds that dealer will be safe enough at he'll bid only when HE wants to.

The other case of note is pass-pass. 2nd seat, in save position, didn't. Dealer is on the hook; if you pass, it's his for 50.

Dealer may be dead because he has no marriage.
Dealer may be dead because his side doesn't have 20.
Dealer may be on life support; his side barely has 20 or so, and will need to pull VERY well to save.

Are these common? It's hard to track, but we've all gotten burned as dealer, so we know it does happen sometimes.

The point I'm leading to is this: there's a good chance...1 in 4, maybe 1 in 3...that the opponents are just about dead in the water if you pass. That says: bid only when you have extras.

In order for yo to bid, IMO, in 3rd seat after 2 passes, you have to be willing to bid 60 if required. That means a 45 point hand. For a first seat bid of 50, the requirement is 6 tricks and 35 points total...but for 3rd seat, it's 6 tricks and 45 total. I might start with 50, just trying to get it economically...but I'm ready to bid 60.

BTW, the sequence 50-pass-51-? is very similar to pass-50-?. I call 50-pass-51 "waving the red flag"...because it's just BEGGING!!! me to jump to 60 on anything close.

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