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I just want to play better pinochle
Hi everyone,

I'm Jay. I'm 36 years old. I currently live in Lansing, MI. I'm a scientist and professor-in-training (postdoctoral researcher). 

I'm so happy to have found this website. My Dad taught me to play double deck when I was a pre-teen. I played at a local bar in Newark, NJ with him and in a pretty memorable tournament. But high school, college, grad school, and life took me away from the game for decades. I have recently started playing the game again and I play as much as I can. I have set up a little pinochle school using Gather to help my friends and fans learn the game along with me (I am a twitch/YouTube streamer). My Dad was really impressed when he saw the resources I have set up to help newbies. Anyway, trickstercards is my favorite app aesthetically. I hope to host games and events in Gather using it. However, I think the bots at worldofcards play better. I'd like more feedback on where to find games and which bots play the best in the experience of others. Trickster bots seems to always lead their trump Aces and I was schooled not to do that. 

I only get to play with my Dad once or twice a week. We're just getting going (I need to relearn the finer point of the game, he needs help with the technology initially).

I'd love to find some good partners to help accelerate my learning curve. I have really enjoyed the resources and discussions on this forum. Unfortunately, I can't get the Meld Trainer or Meld Test to work properly. I have begun saving a bunch my hand histories from worldofcards. I like to replay them and look for ways to improve my play. I enjoy reading the strategy forums and the history analyses of others. 

Right now I'm looking for partners with some patience. I am studying hard to catch up but I still make mistakes that reflect my lack of play time and recent experience. I'd love to find someone willing to analyze hands with me when appropriate. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you'd like to play! I'm also open to playing other variations (single deck, cutthroat, etc.). Ideal partners (or players) for me have a passion for teaching pinochle and would be excited for the opportunity to teach multiple players in an effort to promote the game.

Let's play some Pinochle! Smile

Jay (Pocketlocker86)  

Attachment is a double run I caught recently at worldofcards vs bots. We scored 207-0 that hand. It was fun. You are Pinochle players! Who else am I going to share this stuff with? lol
Hi Jay / Pocketlocker86,

I'm glad you enjoy playing Double Deck Pinochle at World of Card Games! I hope you realize that you can play with people as well as bots there. There are quite a few very good Double Deck Pinochle players who use the site on a daily basis. Sometimes they play at private tables. You kind of have to work your way in my being polite. Some people don't like table talk, other people are okay with it, so just be aware of that. You can also open a "chat table" after the game if someone agrees to chat with you, to discuss strategy.

How are you planning to host games in Gather? I've been watching that app with some curiosity.

If you ever do a Twitch or YouTube stream with World of Card Games, I hope you'll let me know here or just by email - If I get enough notice, I'll post it to my blog. A possible idea would be a collab of some sort - you could live stream and I could either play against you or as your partner. I've forgotten some of the strategy because I've got less time to play these days, but it could be fun.

As you may have noticed, I asked a bunch of questions here at Power Pinochle while I was writing the code for Pinochle at WoCG. The feedback I got was very helpful, and I think the bots are better because of that.

I don't have much time to work on the site anymore, unfortunately, so improvements are a rare event. But it's always nice to hear people are having fun with it.

PS I didn't see the attachment with your game history and wonder if it got lost. You might want to post it separately with copy/paste.
Play Pinochle at World of Card Games!

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