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Modern Single Deck Pinochle player
1. How did you come to find Power Pinochle?
1. How did you come to find Power Pinochle?   Online search for modern pinochle bidding strategy info

2. Any transient guest can view the posts, why have you decided to become a member?  to access resources -- hoping to find some related to single-deck bidding strategy -- would appreciate being directed to where to find, if available.  Thank you.
3. Did you find what you were looking for @ Power Pinochle? If not, please let me know what you are searching for.   Have not had chance to explore entire site yet.
4. Do you have a particular gift/expertise/insight that goes beyond a simple post and you would like me to help you present it @ Power Pinochle?

I am located outside of Cleveland, Ohio and have played single deck 4 and 3 person pinochle for about ten years.  Also enjoy playing bridge and euchre.


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