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What Is Your Reputation?
Do you know what your reputation is in the Power Pinochle Community?

Go to the forums and look at a post. It can be anyone's post, but look in the upper right of that person's post. You will see, from top to bottom, the number of posts, when the member joined, and their reputation number. You can click on the number to get more information about a player's reputation. A player's reputation is decided by any member of the Power Pinochle Community. If you read a post you like, you can add to a player's reputation score.

How do you add to a member's reputation score?

While you are still looking at someone's post in the forums, if you scroll down to the bottom of their post and look at the bottom left of the post you will see different buttons you can click on. Some of the buttons could be: PM, EMAIL, WWW, or FIND. At the end of the list is a symbol followed by a + (plus) sign. If you put your mouse pointer over any of these buttons a more detailed description pops up near your mouse pointer. When you direct your mouse pointer over the + (plus) sign, it will read, "Give reputation to this user". Click on that button to add to a member's reputation score.

Why is the reputation score important?

As our pinochle enthusiast community grows, the likelihood of not-so-nice people joining the community also grows. The reputation score helps to show new members who is an active and/or good member in the community, and who is not (negative scores can be given). This is just another spectacular tool to help this community be the best it can be. Discuss your reputation here.
Try to use this as often as you can as we grow. I think it will be important in the long run.

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