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New Member, New To Pinochle As Well
I've been playing cards since I was 3 years old, ca 1957.

After a 20 year layoff I've returned to Club and Tournament Bridge.

I spent a year working in Pennsylvania where I found a Pinochle game in ht cafeteria. I kibitzed one day and got invited to watch. It was double deck pinochle. They showed me the meld and very little else. I started out as their 5th wheel, but became a regular when one guy was transferred. They taught no strategy or theory. What I learned I cribbed from the other card games I have played.

Other than bridge, I have spent years playing card German and Italian card games using a Tarok deck. So I'm well versed in bidding, trump, and tricks; just not at Pinochle.
Rick Hall
Welcome Rick! We are glad to have you here. I was going to invite you to join the discussions here in the forums but it appears you have already don we so. We are all pinochle enthusiasts with different levels of skill and experience, and I am glad to have you as a part of our community. I'm looking forward to reading your other posts.

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