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Unwise rebid
North opens 52;  East bids 57.  South and West pass.

At the table, North bid 58, East bid 59, and North passed.

Fundamentally, there's BLOODY few hands that, IMO, justify rebidding at all.  (Unless North is an "almost always show meld first, unless you can open 60" player.)  North pure and simple LOSES any meld war.  He only wins the bid if East WANTS him to.  If East wants to let North play it, then East doesn't have a good playing hand.  He's worried *he's not pulling 20 on offense*.  Or that he has no marriage...almost as bad.

North's bidding ONLY helps East, by bailing him out of a very bad spot.  

The argument for North to rebid is, West did pass a 50 meld bid.  That has to be taken as a warning sign to *East*...but that's not a green light for North.  North is right to bid when:

a)  he can make it, AND
b)  he can hold E-W to < 20, AND
c)  E-W could've pulled 20 in East's suit because WEST has surprising support that he just couldn't bid.

Otherwise:  North has to pass.  The risk vs. reward is clear-cut.
Totally, totally agree. I typically relish opportunities to "stick it" to the big meld bidder who has been abandoned by their partner. ...a chance to make my opponents uncomfortable and put their morale in jeopardy!
It's unbelievable how much you don't know about the game you've been playing all your life. -- Mickey Mantle

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